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The Comic-Con trailer for Justice League is here and it reveals their true enemy

The Comic-Con trailer for Justice League is here and it reveals their true enemy

Warner Bros.’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con is pulling out all the stops for the DC Extended Universe. For the latest trailer for Justice League, the world is still in mourning after the death of Superman. Now, it’s up to the newly formed League to face Steppenwolf (Game of Thrones alum Ciarán Hinds) and his armies of Parademons. Justice League is the superhero team-up Warner Bros. has been promising since the inception of the DCEU. After Superman (Henry Cavill) sacrificed himself in the fight against Doomsday in last year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman (Ben Affleck) takes it.... Read in full via

J. Jewels Returning To The Music Industry!

The world of music is something that moves the world and touches the lives of people in numerous unexplainable ways. Nothing sparks more light in the entertainment world like a combination of raw talent and resilience.
J. Jewels Directing Mighty Mystic Video
It is the ultimate mix that creates superfluous success. Every product of such talent becomes a blessing to listeners all around the globe. The best of such talents is J. Jewels.

Originally from Haiti, Jewels is a multi-talented writer, artist, producer and actor. He has been in the music business for over 17 years, operating behind the scenes.

Jewels has a strong hands-on role in the logistics of the music industry. He has helped countless artists achieve their goals to stardom and more. He owned and ran one of the most popular recording studios and businesses located in Medford, Mass. Jewels even created a YouTube reality TV series based on life running the business and more: The Studio Reality series.
J. Jewels Kids in the Studio.
Running a music business is a dream for anyone in the industry. It is difficult enough breaking into the industry, let alone owning and running a studio. J. Jewels has done just that, proving it as a possible. It’s not easy though, especially if you value your private life… A successful business makes people happy, but that wasn’t the case for Jewels. As mighty as he is in the music business, he is also a man who highly prizes his private life. The number one and most important thing to him has always been family. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for family, to the point where it has cost him almost everything. Several years ago (2011 to be exact), family forced Jewels to go into a deep state of depression. He didn’t want to speak with anyone. Slowly hiding from the world, he walked away from everything in business. It’s a phase that afflicts many talented artists, a time to recoup for a new stage of growth.
Behind the scenes with J. Jewels and Maino
J. Jewels in studio with Maino working on "What They Want"
Thankfully, in 2016 Jewels slowly began making his way back into the business. He is regaining the spotlight with the release of his single “Itty bitty bum bum”. The song now has over 220,000 hits on YouTube as of April 2017. Not only is he the performer of the song, but he’s also the producer/writer of it. He recently made a guest appearance at the 2017 Beantown Bounce Competition. He outlined his new single – “What They Want” (featuring Lynda Rose and hip hop artist Maino), another masterpiece single destined for release. It is yet another tempting slice of pop / R & B prior to the release of his forthcoming album. Jewels is putting together his J. Jewels presents tour, where you can expect to see the artist on his album. Not only will he be performing the songs off his album, but also their hits and platinum singles… source:    
j. jewels tbt 420 celebration

Enjoy 420, Star Wars and TBT all in one then subscribe to youtube

I have been in this business for a while now and this clip below is a one minute snippet of one of the first ever project spear headed by me. We had a great time putting the full project together, from the music, Casting, video production, editing and more. It was all a great time. Enjoy 420, Star Wars and TBT all in one then subscribe to youtube!
Enjoy 420, Star Wars and TBT all in one. In the spirit of #420, let's take a magical ride in time this #throwbackthursday with myself as a producer ft. Mighty Mystic, King ILabash and more during our first ever #music #video and my directorial debut over a decade ago (Tag a friend if you spot them). . . #tbt #me #reggae #dırector #hiphop #dancers #artistlife #igdaily #starwars #dancehall #haitian #model #jamaican #unity #starwarsfan #entrepreneur #brand #engineer #memories #modeling #life #weed #happy #jjewels #sirsakapfet Posted by J. Jewels on Thursday, April 20, 2017

J. Jewels

Medford artist J. Jewels to perform at Beantown Bounce

Medford producer and urban artist J. Jewels will return to the concert stage, along with award-winning DJ ATM, UCmee and Lynda Rose, for the Beantown Bounce on April 15 at the Reggie Lewis Center, 1350 Tremont St., Boston. The appearance continues the tradition from when J. Jewels owned and operated his Medford-based recording studio and promoted his "New England Idol" show at the Chevalier Theater. With Jewels' song, "Itty Bitty Bum Bum".... Read in full via -> HERE!
J. Jewels in the office

J Jewels - The Studio Reality TV Series Outtakes

If you knew about the office, recording studio and everything with the artist then you need to check out: J Jewels - The Studio Reality TV Series Outtakes . See the full three and a half minute clip featuring non other then super producer Chad Beats in studio making hits, Jourdan, Chris "CT" Tamburello, J. Jewels and more all at work. This footage was filmed by J. Jamz, after you watch the footage, make sure you head over to the youtube channel and subscribe. New videos will be uploaded daily, some great some not so great but all to give you a glimpse of present past and future. Subscribe HERE to the youtube channel and never miss out.
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Power Rangers – Discover The Power (Official Teaser Trailer)

With the reboot of the Power Rangers, it maybe clear and safe to say... Hollywood might be running out of fresh movie ideas, because they keep remaking some of the old stuff with a bit of a dark twist to it. The latest remake to hit the big screen is the old classic... SABAN’S POWER RANGERS which follows five ordinary teens, who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove — and the world — is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers. The trailer does has some great graphics and the movies seems to have a real dark tone to it, which seems to be the new pattern Hollywood has been taking with all of their new movies. Not only that, this reboot version doesn't seem to be as cheesy as the old rangers. It is filmed and created for this generation and i think it's going to surprise everyone at the box office. But with so many comic book and other movies being released this year such as The Justice League, Logan, Wonder Woman,  Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor and more... Will the Power Rangers story line movie keep up with the big boys, and make money at the box office in 2017? Take a look at the first trailer released below, after you watch make sure you click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to our channel. Don't forget to leave your comment and feedback below and tell us what you think. Enjoy the trailer. If you're new, Subscribe! →  

Obama Denies Permit to Drill at DAPL! Victory at Standing Rock Within Reach!

Breaking News: President Obama rejects the Dakota Access Pipeline route.

CANNON BALL, North Dakota — The secretary of the Army Corps of Engineers told the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe on Sunday that the current route for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline will be denied. Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II told NBC News that he was "thankful that there were some leaders in the federal government that realized that something is not right... Read Full Story and watch video clips via -> HERE!  

xXx: Return of Xander Cage - Teaser Trailer

I love the original movie, and i am happy to find out that the homie Vin Diesel, is coming back to the big screen as Xander Cage. I checked it out and looks pretty good, almost similar to something like the Fast and Furious series. Which i also think that is where that franchise is heading in the future with all the spy stuff. Well that's just my opinion, so don't take it too seriously. in the mean time Watch the teaser trailer for xXx: Return of Xander Cage! Coming to theaters January 20, 2017. - J. Jewels Director: D. J. Caruso Starring: Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Nina Dobrev, Rory McCann and Samuel L. Jackson.

J. Jewels Presents: What they Want ft. Lynda Rose and Maino

Are you Ready for this one? Only you can decide if "What They want" ft. Lynda Rose and Maino should be the next single to be released off my J. Jewels Present Album. Have a look at the video teaser posted on facebook today and stay tuned for remix versions of the project. After you see the clip below make sure you check out my Label mate and up and coming JEI Music Group producer Julez P's EDM remix HERE. If you like what you heard... Get on the Verified Spotify page right now and FOLLOW! Get familiar with the Brand.... Stay current, updated, Stream, Create playlists, all FREE.

LONG LOST VIDEO FILES: J. Jewels and Friends crash Maveriks party

Classic video of Tanto Metro, Devonte, Mighty Mystic, King Spyda and J. Jewels (on the camera) crashing Maveriks birthday. The look on his face when his mic cut off and the special guests took the stage is priceless. This was before Tory Lanez remixed their hit song!
Hip Hop Meets Reggae

Third Annual - Hip Hop meets Reggae

J. Jewels and special guest performers will be stopping by the The third Annual Blockbuster Event...

STRICTLY THE BEST Hip Hop Meets Reggae Volume 3. SATURDAY OCTOBER 15th. 2k16 Russell Auditorium 70 TALBOT AVE. BOSTON, MA. Doors Open 10pm Till 2am [21+ Event]

Hosted By BAGA SQUAD, BRIKHOUZE, SWEET-T (BigCity 101.3fm)

Special Guest appearances and performances from The J. Jewels Presents tour Get on the TRACK LIST ASAP!

Media By PAPARAZZI DADDY-P Musical Entertainment By Str888 Outta Jamaica Fr: Zip 103fm ZJ LIQUID International & World Renowned 50 CENT'S official Dj, DJ CHUBBY CHUB Boston's Most Wanted Juggling Machine RIDDIM RIDER Team Jerk & Mix Kingz Dj Fr: 101.3fm DJ DEX The Most Requested Fr: Tampa,Florida PREMIERE SQUAD w/FRESHIE DILLINGER Boston #1 Video Dj Fr: #10GrandSoundAndLightingCompany VJ SCARY


$13 Early Bird Tickets w/ A Strictly The Best HipHop & Reggae CD

- - - - TICKET OUTLETS - - - - Flames (Mattapan) || 617-296-4972 Iries Jamaican Restaurant || 617-929-3856 Vaughan Fish & Chips || 617-825-1194 Rona Gee (Text) || 617-905-5054

J. Jewels and DJ ATM make a special guest appearance for Wayne Wonder

If you made it to CandiBar last night you probably had an awesome time as the DJ'S kept the music flowing nicely with some of the best Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and more... Wayne Wonder held his own, he gave an amazing performance, I forgot how many hit songs this man had until he started doing them all. DJ Atm and I had a great time, check out his video drop below. Remember to stay updated on my events, tours and more by clicking on the track button. J. Jewels

J. Jewels featured on Hip Hop Dose under their New Artist Alert report

Hip Hop Dose, the #1 Source For Your Daily Dose of Hip-Hop & Entertainment has released a new artist alert today featuring our very own J. Jewels. The post talks a little bit about "Itty Bitty Bum Bum" the first Ever J. Jewels Single. It showcases the lyric video with the number of views, the singles position on the DRT charts, which are all looking great at the moment for the Artist, our label and the entire Jewels team..... To read the article in full and See the lyric Video go -> Here!